Bible Prophecy of the Last Days

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Here's a prophecy in the book of Nahum, eighth century BC 2800 years ago prophecy of automobiles uproar, prophecy of automobiles and busy city streets in the Bible 20 100 years ago. The last days the fourth Christ comes back. The final World War is prophesied to have streets full of automobiles running up and down. Internal combustion engines. Now if you don't think that's what this is, write me a note. Tell me why. Now we're in Nahum, chapter two, verse one he starts off by saying he dashes in pieces he the dashes in pieces is come up. A little breeze out here today. He that dashes in pieces has come up before that phase, keep elimination. munition is like your ammunition. It's the end. If you look this up in Hebrew, it's the implements of war. Watch the way be aware. Make thy loins strong fortified thy power, mildly speaking the nation of Israel. Now the context of this was the nation of Israel being besieged by Syria. So he's telling Israel to prepare for war. And then we come down to verse three, the shield of the mighty men is made read the valiant men are in scarlet the chariots shall be with flaming torches in the day of his preparation, that strange wording for events current at that time. What you'll find in Bible prophecy is that the prophets spoke to their own people concerning issues prevalent in that day. And quite often, you'll find Jesus reaching back into those events where the prophet was speaking to Israel and pull it out as a prediction of things. yet to come. So in other words, your prophets spoke in a duel fashion. He spoke to the people of his day, but he's also was speaking to people beyond and to advance beyond that dual fulfillment of the prophecy. So he said the chariots will be with flaming torches, In the day of his preparation and the trees shall be terribly shaken. The chariots shall rage in the streets. They shall jostle one against another in the broad ways. You know, we I used to live in a city that had a street named Broadway. And it was called that I think, because it had four lanes and that was a lot of lanes for back there and 1940s and 50s. Broadway, they shall seem like torches. They run it they traveled they look like torches. They shall run like the lightning's so here is something he called to the chariot. Now. The first original name for an automobile is a horseless carriage. It was a chariot actually was a horse drawn vehicle that was motorized. And so in the profit, what else would he call it? He called an automobile, no one would have known what he was talking about. He was speaking to the people in his day and he calls it a chariot because that was the mode of war and a mode of transportation had wheels on him, something that rode something used to go somewhere. He said, The Church shall be with flaming torches and the day of his preparation. The factory shall be temporary shaken, the church shall rage in the streets. They shall Joshua one against another than the Broadway's that's unlike a busy city, automobiles run into especially at nighttime they shall seem like torches. Those headlights ever seen the headlights way up above, shining out like torches They shall run like the lightnings. So there's nothing that would fulfill this. In that day and age, this seems to be a prophecy, reaching out into our time. He said, I'm against thee, saith the LORD of hosts, and I will burn their chariots in the smoke, and the sword shall devour the young lions. Now that term is a term that was used for the siblings, the
those that were generated by the old lines, and I will cut off the pray from the earth, and the voice of the messenger shall no more be heard. So this is a prophecy of the last days prophecy of in times. And it predicts a time when right at the time when the end comes, the streets of the city will be full of chariots, jostling one against another running like lightning. And you know lightnings electricity, could it be the German electrical powered vehicles? Or could He talk about internal combustion engines? One or the other are both running through the streets. So I take this to be a prophecy that is being fulfilled right? Now with the automobiles running around in the streets. And if you don't think so tell me what you think it is. I got to get back out there. I've been eating blueberries. I've got about eight and about a half gallon today and I've got to eat some more. Or this blueberry season, nothing better. But fresh blueberries. Alright, see you next week. Whoa, look at those blueberries. Man. Keep picking on you can make blueberry pies, blueberry, and blueberry juice and just freeze them and eat them roam free eyes to

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