Faith is Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

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There may only be one person in this life that I have that kind of relationship with, and that’s my wife. Maybe 95% with my kids. And with my best friends, it’s 50/50.

Because when you’ve lived as long as I have, you’ve had friends betray you. You’ve had friends doubt you. If I ever have a friend that doubts me, doubts my intention, they’re just not my friend anymore. I can forgive them, but I can never trust them again with anything vital. I can be acquaintances, but I can’t be a close friend. And God is that way too. God wants you to trust him. God wants you to be a kindred spirit. Someone that you can say everything to, and he can tell you everything, and there is no doubt between you. There’s no criticism, there’s no suspicion, there’s trust.

My wife, I know, gives me the benefit of the doubt. I know that she expects the best of me. And I know that if it appears otherwise, she’s not going to believe her eyes first, she’s going to keep trusting. She believes me.

Now, do you have anybody in your life like that? If you do, that’s a precious thing to have. Just one person in your life. If you have two or three, then you’re a rich man to have people like that, that believe in you.

God created us because he wants that family, he wants that communion, he wants that relationship of oneness. Jesus said, “I pray that they may be one with me, as I am one with you.” (John 17:21).

So the oneness is what God came to establish, to restore. Not just cause us to stop sinning. That’s of little consequence. That is a fruit.

So much of religion is focused on just trying to keep the law, or do good things, or keep the sabbath, or tithe, or go to church, or confess your sins, or read your Bible. That’s a pitiful religion. What God is looking for is a relationship of faith.

A faith relationship.

Michael Pearl

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