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John where are you? Toothless John? come up here. Smiling happy John. Come up here. I got some. We're gonna do something here. We're gonna illustrate this for the dummies. All right. If you've missed this so far, you're not going to miss it right now. Yeah, just turn around there just like that face. Everybody just turn around. They're just like that face everybody. Now, when John was born into the world, he was born innocent, pure. Can you ever believe that? And when, when John came into the world, he was so cute. I mean, everybody looked at him said he is so cute. He's. That was a long time ago when John Yeah.
Now John lived his life.
And he's picked up few spots along the way. Few stains. This is the old robe of flesh. This is how God looks down. He sees John He said, John, you sure have messed it up.
Now John says okay, God, I'm gonna get baptized and wash it away. No, baptism will not wash it away, John. So well, I'll join the church. John has nothing to church can do to take out those things. Those are permanent. These are stains from lying and stealing. You killed somebody.
Adultery and fornication cousin and stuff. I mean, here's this. You've really messed it up, John. I don't think there's any way you're gonna get to heaven in his outfit.
I think if he shows up at the gates of heaven like this God's gonna say I'm sorry. I never knew you. What I made is pure and white and clean. You've messed that thing all up. No way I can help you. Now, John, I got some good news for you. Some time ago, a man came to the earth and he lived a life just as you've lived, except at the end of his life. He was perfect and sinless.
There was no more on him.
He lived totally without sin. The man Christ Jesus. He has had a robe they said which was so ya know, wash woman on earth could have made it any wider. That's how the Lord Jesus was. And he lived his whole 33 year law, your life as a perfect man, where you've lived your life and I've lived mine everybody out here is unperfect man now, Jesus Christ did that so that he could take your place John, Jesus said, You know, I won't. John is headed to destruction. He's going to be crucified. He's going to be cast into hell. He's unworthy. And I don't want to cast John into hell. God says He says I want to save him. But I can't save him with all this filthy dirty robe and this unclean heart. So I'm going to die on the cross. So Jesus Christ, take your sin on himself, John. He takes it like this. And he lays it on himself.
God made him to be sin for us. Him who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. And then Jesus dies and sheds his blood to cover our sin. So God will see it no more. The blood of Jesus Christ covers our sand and not only covers it, but when Jesus died, he went into the grave with our sin like this, took it and deposit it where it ought to be. And when Jesus came up out of the grave, He was spotless and pure once again, and his white robe but now then, he was the perfect man. He was the last Adam. He was the second man. And what God needs now is a third man and the fourth man and a fifth man like this man. So God says to John here, said, John, would you like to have a white robe like this? John said, I would. I don't think I'd ever get it out white. And Jesus said, No, John, by faith. I'm going to cover you in my righteousness, and I'm gonna make you as white as snow. I'm gonna wash your sins away as far as the east is from the west, and I'm going to remember them no more. John, when you come up to the gate of heaven, angels are gonna look and say there's another Jesus letting me in
that's not all.
He says, and we will live in rain with him forever. So what God's gonna do John, not gonna just clean you up. Me and declare you a son of God. turn you into royalty
I didn't do it. Again. And all it takes is believing. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. Are you believing right now? If you're believing right now, and you've never believed with all your heart before right now you're believing then God is washing you away with his blood. Putting that white robe upon you. And giving you the royalty in his family. Amen. All right.

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